Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Holidays from Durrrty Jersey, '08

Gaslight Anthem - "Drive"

When last we met, it appeared I would be moving, cats in tow, to a "safer" part of town.
Never happened.

I'll delve into events of the past summer later, but for now, I have 2 videos. One features a New Jersey band having it's 20th Anniversary this year, The Bouncing Souls. The second video features Gaslight Anthem, a band from New Brunswick, NJ.
These two bands are scheduled to play together during a 3-night run under The Stone Pony~Asbury Park schedule, with a slight modification:


The Dec. 26-28 shows with the Bouncing Souls have been moved to the majestic Grand Arcade at Convention Hall. All tickets will be honored at the new location.

The Souls will be there all 3 nights, and Anthem will join them on December 28th, as will Gimme Drugs and Let Me Run. At $20.00 a ticket, it's awesomely affordable. Something to use that AmEx gift card on, neh??

Off-Topic Note: I have created a genesis for a new Royals Blog. Now, if only I can remember where I put the username and password...
Wishing you Healthy End Of Year Celebrations, and a deservedly Much Better NEW YEAR.
For All of US!!

The Bouncing Souls - "Gone" - Epitaph Records

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