Monday, July 14, 2008

Hey Everyone! Meet Amy!!! Amy's plight was
posted on Skeleton
Crew's MySpace...well,
best let Paula tell you
Amy's Story...

Skeleton Crew
Jul 13, 2008 9:27 PM
Body: Beautiful Pitbull Needs home she is may be killed in a day
"Amy" needs your help. She is in a high kill Shelter
From my friend Paula:"it's called "black dog syndrom". Many loving dogs in need of good homes are being overlooked and underappreciated and under adopted at shelters nationwide and they all share the one thing in common, their "black coats". Amy was brought to a high kill shelter in Brooklyn 6/30/2007. she is 2 years old and at 50 pounds she is a very healthy girl. As sweet as she is she has been overlooked by the public. It is true that black dogs and cats have a harder time at the I am advocating for this beautiful little girl. She looks like she was in a home right before she got to the shelter due to her beautiful coat and weight. If you would like to rescue this dog please call Paula (917)325-4715. Amy is going to need plenty of exercise and would do best in a home without small children or cats. if you have dogs I can meet you at the shelter and do a meet and greet to see if they get along. This is an urgent request since the shelter gave me 24 hours to find her a home.
Now, among many reasons people encounter to be forced to give up their Fuzzes of all Makes and Models is - let's face it - "The Economy". Families' have either lost the ability to adequately feed themselves, let alone a pet, and so they give them up in hopes that SOMEONE will come along and see THEIR Beloved pet for the Beautiful Soul it is, among the close to 100 other Beloved Souls, and Take Their Pet Home.
The competition is very VERY stiff.
Besides the economic reason of another mouth to feed, there may be a darker reason - the family has been forced into Foreclosure, and they themselves have no where to live. Having been down the path of Homelessness, I can attest to the fact that the last thing any Social Agency Worker wants to hear from you is a plaintive cry "But What About My Pet?!" Frankly, they don't Give a Damn.
I'm posting Amy's and Paula's Story in a belief system I hold: The Six Degrees of Separation.
Yeah, it was a movie, but based on an old belief system. We are all connected to someone through 6 other people.
So, if you know of someone who may know of someone who perhaps has a large back yard, and maybe someone else can hold a Church/Temple fundraiser to feed Amy until Her Forever Family finds her - and I'm sure they will. Won't you please either contact Paula at the phone number she listed above, or at her e-mail . Or, contact me at . I'm considering a PayPal Donation campaign for Amy's keep in the short-term, but quite literally her hours are numbered. Something along the lines of 24...and counting...
Please, PLEASE HELP if you can!
Karma's a Good Thing! It will repay you over and over again!
Blessings y'all...


ML said...

We'll post this on CB and PPP.
Hopefully the poor dog is still around.
I used to have a black lab and do I ever know about the "black dog" syndrome.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We understand Amy has been rescued into a foster home. We're so glad.

Karen Jo said...

I was very glad to see the update on the CB that Amy has a new home.

Emilyrose said...

Thank you ML, Jan and Karen Jo,

Yes, Amy is in a safe place for now, but she has yet to find her "furrever home". The e-mail I received back from Paula was as follows:
"Thanks for writing back -- I found a foster for Amy -- it is a short term thing so she is not 100% safe. She is so cute -- fully house trained - knows how to sit and give paw. It is so sad when you don't know there real name.
We said the name CoCo and she pricked up her ears -- as with the name Chocolate. Hmmm! I prefer "Chocolat" myself!! Dark Chololat Truffles, and feeling frustratingly amorous later...
well, back to "Amy". Paula will be keeping me posted, and as long as I have Internet access (mine gets cut off 6/24...) I WILL keep you updated.
Thanks to y'all for your prayers and purrs..
Rose and the Royals

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We're glad Amy has a safe home, even if temporary. Surely someone will see her heart and fall in love!

We understand you are having some problems with moving, so we came by to wish you whatever is needed to make the road smooth, straight and stress-free.

Purrs, prayers and tail wags