Wednesday, June 11, 2008

...Ain't ALL Necessarily Jersey Fresh, but...

Diva Brutus
Ever Secure of his Manhood.

I wanted to post a few videos here, while I'm at it. Mostly because I can.
First off, a review.

My Chemical Romance ended their last tour on May 9th, at Madison Square Garden.

I wish I could say it was spectacular, but Gerard Way gave me the impression he just wanted to get the hell out of there and start his "indefinite hiatus".
(Please, don't get me wrong! I wouldn't kick that pretty little ass of his out of bed for any amount of money!)
The rest of the guys; Ray Toro, Frank Iero (Jersey-to-the-BONE ~.and Tattoos ~ yeah, he has a few; including the initials "NJ" tattooed inside his lower lip, among other parts of his anatomy), Mikey Way, who was living out a dream and kicking ass, and drummer Bob Bryar seemed to feel the intensity of a REALLY good house for NYC. I mean, there was something like 18,000+ fans there, although I suspected the house was "papered" a bit at the last moment. ("Papered" means that comp tickets became available a few hours before the start of the show and handed out to friends of friends, etc. It's better for the whole of the audience if the house is full. It's done all the time.) It was a really good house, and they were extremely warm and receptive. That's saying a lot. I mean, NYC audiences are notorious for being finicky, and can turn on a performer/sports team in - well -"A New York Minute". The chatter on the way out was quite positive, and they all seemed glad they came.

An inquest into the death-by-Suicide of a 13-year-old British girl was released to the UK Press on May 7th, I believe, and the coroner implicated, (among other bands, American, of course), that My Chem represented a "Death Emo Cult" who encouraged their fans to commit self harm in the way of cutting and suicide. This isn't the first accusation of the kind by the British Press towards MCR, but it did attract a fair bit of attention. At the end of the MSG concert, I heard Gerard Way say "If this is the last My Chemical Romance concert we ever do, Keep Yourselves Alive!" I believe he said it twice. The poor young British girl had a history of cutting, and only heard MCR's CD "Welcome to The Black Parade" for the first time 2 weeks before her death.
Stigma against Mental Illness, the fear of "the neighbors finding out" and maybe a residual British tradition of holding a "stiff upper lip" keeps parents from actually paying attention to their kids. How they are treated in school, on the UK version of Facebook, called Bebo, etc.
Families here in the USA harbor the

that is so mindless and causes needless suffering for kids and young adults.
Okay, I'll climb off my soapbox now.
But please bear in mind, if you, or someone you know seems "out of sorts"...not eating, sleeping too much or not at all, losing interest in all things that once gave them pleasure, please look into the CHANCE you or that person may be depressed. DON'T DISMISS any talk, even said in a "Gallows Humor-ish" way, that this person may be considering harming themselves. I went through a relapse of my depression in March, when my mentor and friend of 30 years, Suzanne, passed away. But there was a difference. I had resources: mainly a fantastic friend by the name of David Hughes. He gave me numbers to call, kept keeping tabs on me daily until my e-mails and text messages to him sounded more positive and up-beat.
He's always been there since my suicide attempt in 2002. And, knowing him, he will be there for me no matter what.
SLIGHTLY off topic - My Puppy Davey is ENGAGED!! Plans are forming for a Valentine's Day, 2009 Wedding. Jo is really a Good, sweet, highly intelligent woman. She has the
"Brutus Seal of Approval"
This is quite the honour, you know, and deserving of only the highest-caliber
of Bi-Peds.

My Porky is Blessed.

He knows it.


I am Blessed. I really am.

Alright, My Precious Ones
(hey, not a bad band name, eh? DON'T STEAL!!!)
On To The Videos!

First, while not straying too far from My Chemical Romance, they are set to release a DVD of a live show of "The Black Parade" that was filmed in Mexico City in October, 2007. Also included in the 2 hour DVD is a Cancer Benefit performance they did in the much smaller, NEW JERSEY venue called Maxwell's, in Hoboken.

The release date is July 1st, 2008.

It can be pre-ordered at for a discount on a special edition version.

The first video at the top of this post, because I screwed up ROYALLY
(heh~heh...inside joke there, somewhere...)
is a sneak peek of what's on the DVD. Watch for the scroll below each video you watch, to see others.
You Tube is nice that way.

The two videos below MCR are of a native of Atlanta, Ga. who is Seven Shades of Awesome.

Butch Walker.
He's heading out on tour, and will be playing in New York City at
Webster Hall, 125 E. 11th Street, in the Greenwich Village area of New York City on August 12, 2008.
The NEW JERSEY date is scheduled for August 14th, at The Stone Pony, 913 Ocean Avenue, Asbury Park, NJ 17712
(yup, hometown and old stomping grounds of the Boss, Bruce Springsteen)
You can check out Butch's MySpace page for details of other concerts, starting on the West Coast and moving around the USA.
While you're visiting Butch's Myspace page, check out his blog...he's hilarious!
Well, guess that's it for now. Hope you enjoy the music videos!
Have a Happy Daddy's Day, to whomever it's appropriate!


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There's our darling Brutus. He's SOOOOO much like his bro Audace! Big boy, and such a love.


Marilynn, Grace, Audace, and Ruse

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Hi Marilynn, Momma Grace, Audace and Ruse!
We're sooo glad you stopped by!
We noticed you recently had your "Gotcha Day" anniversary! Yeah, Momma Grace and our bros went to live with you before we got to go in the flying tin can to New Jersey! Air Traffic Controller ML charted our course, of course. We hated to say 'buh-bye to Godmother Deb and our Bean sisfurs Sloane and Tatum, but it WAS an exciting day! QM is gathering stuff to post for OUR Gotcha Day, which is actually June 24th! Two years ago, it was a Saturday, and, and we got to take a Limo ride home!!
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I'm sure Brutus is flattered about the comparison to Liberace.

However, I think he may have had Freddie Murcury uppermost in his mind in this photoshoot...

(things may not be 'looking up' entirely, but at least my chin is above soon?)