Thursday, March 06, 2008


Last night at 6:16 pm, I had a call from a former student of my Voice and Piano Teacher, Suzanne Ferris Hammer, telling me she had passed away from Uterine Cancer after a 2 and a half year struggle. She passed at 2:38 p.m. that afternoon, March 5th. I was told where the services will be and will be further informed of the arrangements as they are finalized.

I had known Suzanne since early piano and later, voice lessons. That was 30 years. When while I was in college, she told me one day with a smile, "Well, Rosie, I've taught you all I know..." I didn't want to stop seeing her every week. I didn't have to. We went out every Saturday, before my Dark Ages set in. We had cappuccino and brioche, spent hours in bookstores and in New Hope, Pa. She took me into Manhattan many times, showed me her "old neighborhood" on the Upper West Side. Taught me how to sing English Art Songs, Madrigals and Mozart arias. I was in a few of the plays she directed, even. As much as I hated acting, I'd do anything for her. She was my surrogate mother, my best friend, my sister. Our birthdays were 3 days apart, and she always picked up a Horoscope book for me when she got her own. She was into metaphysics and crystals back in the '50's, before it was "cool". The one piano piece I'll always associate with her is Shumann's "Scenes from Childhood". She loved Yorkshire Terriers, and at the time of her death owned 4 of them. I'm sure she made provisions for them.

Her husband, Emmanuel, ("Manny" to everyone else) passed in 1984. They had no children. So she "adopted" a few of her favourite students. I was blessed to be one of them.

As for my previous posting, I have no confirmation of my nemesis' demise. I don't expect one. Suzanne filled the void my so-called "dysfunctional" family left.
I don't, well, DIDN'T need anyone else.

So, just a note about the kittehs. I have plenty of food for them, at the expense of my own pantry, but no matter. THEY are my family now.

I intend to keep writing, only on another site. I've made friends there. It's a creative writing site, and very cathartic.

I hope whoever comes across this, even in bitter curiosity, has peace in their lives, as I mean no one malice, and never did.

Goodbye from the Royals.
The Queen Mother is Dead.


Emma's Kat said...
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Emma's Kat said...

I am listening to you Rose and but I won't beg u to stay on here. I understand. Although my problems and issues are different from yours, I understand. I sometimes, well alot of times actually, lol, feel like I'm screaming and no one's listening. BUT, someone always is. I've always considered you a friend, my fuzz sister and I wish you well. I will try an visit u at your writing site, but I don't have too much time to spend on the computer with a 6 month old little girl, lol. Can't believe she will be 6 months old this month! Again, take care and I hope u continue to keep in touch.

Your fuzz sis,

p.s. Sorry for the deletion. I failed to proofread before hitting the publish button!

danielle said...

Rose I don't want you to go. I also have been away for whaat seems like an eternity. I remember talking on the phone and just having a grand time. Please get in touch with me. I will come by the new site if you tell me where. My number is 401-219-2441. I lost my old phone and do not have anyone's number anymore. Please call me any time after 5 est or on the weekends, that is my cell number. Like Kat I consider you a fuzz sister just like everyone else even though it has been quite a while. I believe family is stronger than anything.

Rosie(who else?) said...

.....EmilyRooooose....WTF?....don't shut the can blog as much or as little as you like.....don't be insulted if you don't get visits or haven't been blacklisted from anything......sometimes I get about 2 visitors in a day but who cares?....the blog is for yourself and anyone else looking is an added extra..I think we're all a bit guilty of not visiting or posting on other peoples' blogs...some of us aren't even supposed to be on external sites at work (hyak).....sometimes I think I should be called 'aloof tabby'......if you really feel you don't want to do it anymore, don't..but we will miss all of the Royal shenanigans and goings on in your fuzzy den of depravity!!..DUZZADUZZDUZZ......

Anonymous said...

I just found out last night about Suzanne and I am deeply saddened by this news. I have known Suzanne for many years and due to problems in my own life lost touch with her these past few years. I did visit with her last year and recently she has been on my mind so much. When I found out this news I also found out the reason why she was on my mind...I will miss her so much and regret not having the chance to say goodbye to her. She was more than just a teacher to me. She was one of my closet friends.

Rus Smith