Thursday, February 21, 2008

...Swan Song...Down Curtain...Up House Lights....

Anybody Out There?

Even Blogger thought I was Dead.

It told me I didn't have an account, and would I like to open one?

Thought that was kind of Blogger.

Well, just thought I'd post a few photos of The Kittehs, who are healthy, happy, and are well-fed. Well, happiness is relative. Take Emo-Marigold, who insisted I post the 2 'black' photos to the left...She said they reminded her of me...I have to agree with her...

BRUTUS is HUGE. And quite strong. I don't think
he knows that the post lying on the floor doesn't
want to play with him anymore.

So, Emo Marigold likes to pass time on the
'Lektric Blankie'.

She allows her (somewhat) older brother to join her sometimes.
As illustrated in top photo...

...I don't think those are the moments I have an anti-depressant go missing...

She just found out yesterday that My Chemical Romance is coming
to Philadelphia May 2nd, and that tickets go on sale this Saturday.
She HATES me at the moment. I explained to her there's no $$$ for
tickets, so she goes about pouting all day.
HOWEVER, it has not put her off her Tem-Tay-Shuns. Nope.
It takes a certain amount of energy to be Emo if you're going to do it PROPERLY...hence the razor, rosary and black rose in my honor.

I think she'd like to see those etched into my headstone...

y'know, so would I...

We'll catch ya later. Knowing me, it may be in the Afterlife.


(Sorry this post is such a mess...but then, so is it's author...)

1 comment:

Marilynn said...

"Brutus is huge!"

I certainly know who HIS brother is -- Audace!! (Ruse is probably more like Marigold in personality, and maybe even in build, although I know she's tinier than he.)

Happy birthday to Grace's kits!!