Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Good Mornng Our Dearest Subjects!

Well, Queen Mother is in an anxious mood today. Truth be known, since 11:30 p.m. last night when She was instructed to withhold food and water from Their Royal Highnesses, Prince Brutus and Princess Marigold. HM Queen Emily, apart from being hungry and thirsty herself, seems to be empathising with The Young Royals as she, too, once Bravely and with Great Fortitude faced her own Trial-by- V-E-T. As of this moment, all three of the Royals are playing furiously as per their usual frantic morning exercise ritual. At 9:30 a.m. this morning, QM will summon the Royal License Taxi to transport the Young Royals to the V-E-T, and will very reluctantly leave them in their care. Providence has them in His Care, of course. Queen Emily, We anticipate will search the Royal House of Myres endlessly until their safe return tomorrow.

In the mean time, We would like to leave you with a poem sent to the Royal Household by Our Most Beloved Lady ML, who is Princess Marigold's inspiration, and is adored by all the Royals.

We will post tomorrow to announce the Good News of the safe return of Prince Brutus from his Hoo-Ha-Ectomy, and of Princess Marigold from her Lady-Garden-Ectomy. In the mean time, a little prayer sent up in Their behalf as they overnight in the Recovery Kennels with their favourite blankie, given them while mere kits by Our Most Gracious Godmother Deb will hopefully lull them into a peaceful slumber overnight. To All Our Favoured Subjects, have a Blessed Day!

Do Not Go Peaceable to That Damn Vet
by Dylan Thomas's Cat

Do not go peaceable to that damn vet,
A cat can always tell a trip is due,
Hide, hide, when your appointment time is set.

Wise cats who watched, and learned the alphabet,
And never let men know how much they knew,
Do not go peaceable to that damn vet.

Young cats who want to keep their claws to whet
On sofa legs, and save their privates, too,
Hide, hide when your appointment time is set.

Sick cats, poor things, whose stomachs are upset,
But hate to eat some vile-smelling goo,
Do not go peaceable to that damn vet.

Old cats who have no wish to sleep just yet,
And plan to live another year or two,
Hide, hide when your appointment time is set.

And though your human sweetly calls his pet,
Or rants and raves until his face is blue,
Do not go peaceable to that damn vet,
Hide, hide when your appointment time is set.

From the book by Henry Beard
Poetry for Cats: The Definitive Anthology of Distinguished Feline Verse


Emma's Kat said...

Brutus & Marigold, you will be in my thoughts and prayers today! You will be fine and up a romping in no time! And that poem! OMGOsh! That was great, I loved it! I will have to go and check out the poetry book at the library! I'm still laughing!

The Meezers said...

HAHAHAHAHA. What a great poem! I love it - Meezers Mom

We will be finking of Brutus and Marigold and hope that the hoo-ha-ectomy and ladygardenectomy bof go well. - Sammy and Miles

George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

Take heart friends. We've all been through this and it's not really that bad. After a few days, you'll be feeling just like your old selves.

Anonymous said...

oh no. that happened ta us too. we'll be purrin fur you!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Missy says "yeah, went thru that..." but little KC's bouncing around saying "whats up whats up"...!

brandi said...

Brutus and Marigold, you are in my thoughts today! A lot of us have gone through "the surgery", and you will be fine in no time at all. Purrs and headbumpies!

Kitty Cats Corner said...

Sure will be thinking of you two while you are atsta vet. Hope everyting will be OK.

Luvs the poem!!

Purrs - Your furrends @ The Kitty Cat's Corner

Rose said...

Good Morning Everyone!

The Young Royals made it just fine through their respective procedures! I asked them to call me on my cellphone if any problems. At about 3, I went up to speak to my recruiter at school, and when I came back, my classmate said "your phone was ringing!" So I stepped outside and called the vet without listening to the message first. The lady answered, and I asked how Brutus and Marigold were, and she said, sort of spacey like, "Oh, they're fine...let me have the Doctor talk to you..." MY HEART WAS SOMEWHERE ELSE IN MY BODY INSTEAD OF WHERE GOD PUT IT IN THE FIRST PLACE! Then, the Vet Tech came on the line, and said "Oh, you didn't get my message? They're both fine, made it through their surgeries with flying colors and can be picked up tomorrow morning anytime after 9:00 a.m."
It was ONLY THEN I started breathing again! So, right now, I'm about to call the cab to retrieve my babies from the V-E-T and I'll spend sonme time with them before heading for school after lunch...I'll post new "Welcome Home" pics later today! Thank you all for your prayers and kind remarks - you all are VERY DEAR to Us!!!!
Chat later!!

Fat Eric said...

That poem is GENIUS!!!

You should send it to Max the Psychokitty's mum to put in her book of cat writing she is asking people to contribute to.

Hot(M)BC said...

We knew it'd be ok! Yay!
Boni, Sanjee, Pepi, Mini and Gree

Kim said...

How wonderful that they did so well and can come home! I've been thinking about all of you! Give the young royals a big hug and kiss!

nels, ed, nitro, and/or xing said...

how delightful to know that all is well in the kingdom! may we hope to see the young royals for at least a brief appearance at skeezix's soiree?

sir edmund

Kim said...

Rose, please don't be mad, but I made this poem the theme of today's entry on my site. I just love the poem!

Pumpkin said...

I'm glad everything went okay with the surgeries. At least you'll retrieve Brutus and Marigold AFTER the sedative wears off since they're staying at the vet's overnight. When I picked up Pumpkin in the afternoon after dropping him off in the morning for his hoo-ha-ectomy, the poor thing was still half doped up. He had a hard time staying upright and couldn't walk a straight line. After a good night's sleep, he was back to normal the next morning.


Marilynn said...

Ahhh, nice to know that all four of Grace's brood have taken the first step into responsible adult-cathood -- which is still about seven or more months away, but still ...

So now Grace, Audace, Ruse, Brutus, and Marigold are all officially "its" and will have nice, soft, healthy lives.

(Gotta get Grace to eat her own food, though. She's really getting a tummy on her!)

Yayyyy for successful *-ectomies and healthy kitties who recover fast!

brandi said...

We are soo glad efurrything went okay with Brutus and Marigold! We are thinking lots of healing thoughts so those *shaved* areas grow back their furs really fast. Fur is important!

Anonymous said...

is that emily on the pet prayer and praise blog

Rose said...

Yes! That IS Emily! Thanks for noticing her. The Pet Praise & Prayer blog is such a wonderful place, don't you thnk?

caspersmom said...

Thank goodness everything is O.K. with the Prince and Princess. It's been so long ago I had that Hoo-haa thing done that I don't remember it anymore. Poem says it all. Just don't go to the damn V-E-T.


Kitty Cats Corner said...

Agreed! The Pet Prayer & Praise blog is terrific!

Purrs - The Kitty Cat's Corner cats