Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Hello, My Fuzz Family!

This post is a rehearsal. I will attempt to post 2 photos, while standing on my head, balancing 2 kittens on my feet, using HM Queen Emily as a headcushion and drinking a glass of iced tea.

It may as well be true, because at this precise moment, that scenario seems easier!

I am considering changing the name, or creating a second blog, since this idea seems to be heading towards a Royal Family History suggestions, please?!

Well, here goes!


Rose said...

Hi Guys...Okay, I have to make like I understand this and try, try and retry to figure out what I need to do to publish a picture. I clicked on the add photo icon, found what I thought was a location for a pic of Emily ( 022_19A from My Pictures folder, and I got an error message. Unlike a computer literate person, of COURSE I DIDN'T WRITE DOWN THE ERROR MESSAGE! This looks like a major MPD day for me...!

Rose said...

Post #2
I noticed I have to edit my info, too...that I think I can do!

Rose said...

oh, I forgot to mention besides standing on my head, balancing 2 kittens, etc, I'm going to be whistling "God Save the Queen"?

Kim said...

OK, this is making my day! You are tooo funny girl! The image you have just invoked has made me laugh out lout!

danielle said...

Good luck Rose> Sounds like you need it. I think you should have two blogs. One for you and one for the cats.

I am thinking about doing one for Jake and Spot.

Rose said...

Danielle, I Love you!!! "Good luck Rose, sounds like you NEED it"
LOL! Too Right, girlfriend! But I'll get there, sometime between now and the end of my life... ;-}

Meowmepurr's Mumma in Washington State said...

And can you curtsey as well, my dear?? I will be following your progress, with the thought that I might start as well.

How about "Their Royal Fuzzinesses" or are all those s's and z's going to just confuse the hell out of everyone?

Oh dear, I AM being a good cat today--I feel a nap coming on!!

Good luck to you, Ma'am!

Karen C. said...

CAN you whistle God Save The Queen while drinking the aforementioned iced tea? I'm impressed!

Zeus said...

I liked the suggestion made by Missy on her blog: Rosie and the Royals.