Monday, October 09, 2006

Good Monday Morning to All!

We apologise for not posting on Sunday as promised. No excuses...Queen Mum was distracted AGAIN...(We really must summon The Royal Physician to have a look at her!)

In Any Event, We have been experiencing true Technical Difficulties with Both Blogger and You Tube, where we downloaded the video(s). One video is loaded and ready to be viewed, the second, well, it reads "Image Coming". It's READ "Image Coming" since Friday. We tried to upload the video this morning, so we shall see. Perhaps both Blogger and You Tube are taking a long Columbus Holiday as well. We hear good bargains can be had at the Markets today. We wouldn't know of such things, since We never carry money, and we have staff for the more mundane things in life like shopping.

A bit about today's photos. HRH Princess Marigold was quite upset about the NY Yankees humiliating loss to the Detroit Tigers, it was near impossible to keep her still! Se WAS consoled by the fact that Her Most Favoured Shot Stop, Sir Derek Jeter was 5 for 5, but was looking forward to a "Subway Series" between the "Yanks" (Her term, not Ours...We refrain from Profiling in as much as is possible) and the NY Mets. Perhaps Next Year, Dear Marigold. For consolation, We must search for a Jeter Jersey for her.

HRH Prince Brutus is betwixt looking like a Kitten and a Cat at this point in his life. When playing or Insisting that Stinky Goodness be served FORTHWITH, the Kitten returns. HM Queen Emily finds this causes her to have headache. She went to hide beneath her bed last night, after Stinky Goodness Evening Banquet.

We do hope you have a lovely day!
Thank you for visiting!

Here are the linkys to the videos...if you do not see anything but a "Coming Soon" notice, please do tell, as we will have to send Queen Mum to put the bitey on them!! She SO enjoys doing her own battles on days like today!


Anonymous said...

Oh the 2 kids are really growing. And they are just getting cuter!

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Such cute pictures! I love Emily's ...sleeping under the bed ...well, she is the Queen so she can do as she wants! I especially love the picture of Brutus with his arm around his sister!! Ahhh....the cuteness!! Kisses from me to them!!!

Anonymous said...

the furrst link duzzn't work an sez it's a duplicate of a previously uploaded video, but the second one works an also gives us a chance ta see more of yur videos, which we did, an so maybe the one we couldn't get was one of the ones we got ta see anyway, if ya follow what we're tryin ta say...

Rose said... the first linky-hyper-link is sayin' it was already in there...We must admit, we're Most Confused...but thanks for tellin' Us which linky-hyper-link it was!
Bye th' way, Youse all have the prettiest fur! Princess Marigold LOVES the Mohawk, and wants one if'n ever her fur gets that long. QM tries t'tell her she's not of the Long-hair Lineage, but she gets grumpy an' goes on the 'puter and downloads Emo stuff...QM was REALLY not amused when she gots th' bill...but, I tries to warn QM to go easy on Marigold, or she may find some Black Bean Fur Dye...I tells Marigold, "youse ain't got thumms, how you gonna do your own fur?!"
**sigh** Sis-furs...

Prince Brutus

Meowmepurr's Mumma in Washington State said...

You are right, Ma'am--the Prince is a beautiful specimen of Kitten-Cat. I love how long and lanky he is getting, while his sister is just so petite and beautiful.

I can understand HM the Queen wanting to be under the bed, the Yankees were pretty bad. Having been both a Brooklyn Dodger and Mets fan, and now a Cubbies fan, "Wait 'Til Next Year" has a very familiar ring to it!

Blessings on you all...

Hot(M)BC said...

They's adoryble!
Speshul purrs to Prince Brutus :)
"This video is a duplicate of a previously uploaded video." is what the first linky said. But the second linky was good! Yay! So maybe QM needs to put halfa bitey on them? I finks the duplicate one mighta been the Royals Grooming #1??? Anyways, we clickied the "all from user" tab and saw that one too.
Sanjee, Boni, Mini, Pepi and Gree

Marilynn said...

Wow -- Brutus must be about the same size as Audace, or maybe larger. Ruse is noticeably smaller, but there's not quite the visible difference as there is between Brutus and Marigold. Isn't it marvelous that all of Grace's children are such individuals?

Someone (I wish I could remember who) told me recently that at this age, most are more accurately referred to as kitten-cats ... for the precise reasons you gave, with Brutus's actions as examples. I love the term. Grace is truly a full-grown cat, but the boys are still kitten-cats.

"Stinky goodness," indeed. Wonderful term! I'll have to remember that one!


Anonymous said...

Marigold - you could prolly roll in sumthin black, like ashes or shoe polish, an then you wouldn't need the thumbs fur the hair dye. What I really want is sum black (or red) claw polish. Now THAT would be cool!

I've been trying to get the Lady into the Emo look too. Every night while she sleeps, I claw her (while pretending to be affectionate) and her hands and arms are all scratched up.

I say black leather studded collar!

purrs ta yur momma - sounds like blogger an YouTube haven't been behavin rite these days. she got sum cute pix an videos of you all despite them, though. WAY TA GO!

caspersmom said...

What a sweet picture of you Queen Emily. If you didn't have a headache before, you sure would after laying under your bed. Goodness Brutus you are a kitten cat now. Almost out of the kitten stage and not yet in the cat stage. Good pictures.

pacoandfriends said...

Lovely pictures of the kids :-)

Marilynn said...

I'm still amazed at how much Brutus looks like Grace. Coloring, size, everything. Marigold looks like a nice combo of Audace and Ruse. Beautiful babies!!

Beau Beau & Angie said...

Look at them spooning! That am so cute.

THE ZOO said...

happy purrthday rose

THE ZOO said...

happy purrthday rose

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Hi Rose,
Happy Birthday, er, Purrthday.
KC posted an announcement on the Cat Blogosphere to either leave a comment or send an email. So there.

KC, Missy, Bear & ML

Anonymous said...

HAPPY PURRTHDAY! where is y'all? the Royals should do a happy purrthday post fur you. Purrs! hope yur hafin' a great day!

oh, an our Lady sez ta wish you a "Happy Birthday" frum her too. Happy Birthday? huh? Sorry - 'parently she duzzn't know how ta spell Purrthday rite.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Happy Purfday to you!
Happy Purfday to you!
Happy Purfday dear Rooooose
Happy Purfday to you!