Thursday, July 27, 2006

Hello to Our Loyal Subjects!

Hoping today is shaping up to be a fine day for you. It IS almost the weekend, and that can never be a bad thing!

Queen Mum went to replace the batteries for our silver flash box, and did not realize it needed a special kind of battery. So, since this cyberspace billboard proved SO uncooperative yesterday, We will be sorting through what we have on our computer, and choosing a photo from the lot you haven't seen yet!

This is a photo taken as the Queen Mum was attempting to make the bed in the morning. The Royal Family all believe they are working very hard to help Queen Mum, but they confuse "help" with "play" and it takes double the time to make the bed, because Queen Mum can't help but stop to play, too! When Princess Marigold attempts to smooth out a rather large lump, it usually turns out to be Prince Brutus!! Rather than annoy Queen Mum, this morning "ritual" as it has become, is one of the many high points in the day that The Royals provide to her!!
We are very pleased to be the reason for our Queen Mum's smiles and laughter, as it comes quite easily to us - we're simply being ourselves!

We thank you very kindly for dropping in to see us! And as always, please do have a Blessed Day!


Anonymous said...

none of the humans at our house effur make any of the beds so we don't get to have all that fun. an the Lady sleeps on the couch so she just picks up her pillows an blankie an tosses them in a chair. we finks our humans are furry messy

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Spats & Sassie love to "help" make the bed! They usually make their way under the covers! These pictures are great. What kind of batteries does the camera take? I thought it just took plain AA ones.

Rose said...

Hi Deb! How are you?? I asked my Aide to pick up AA batteries, and she bought back AA Panasonic brand, but I guess they're alkaline batteries. The book said it takes AA Kodak digital camera batteries, something called NI-MH rechargable batteries or AA lithium batteries. The Panasonic wouldn't work, so I have to get to Wal-Mart for the Lithium ones. I know they're different somehow...otherwise, I broke it!! What haappens, I'll turn it on, the screen will light, but the light will flash red and the screen goes black. The book said the Kodak batteries take between 50 and 100 pics, and movies wear them down further, so I guess I've done that many by now!! I have a scale that takes lithium batteries only, too. Mayra is from Nicaragua, and wouldn't know the difference anyway! I got a phone call today, and due to some "improprieties" i.e. she's been putting down for hours she didn't work! I doubt she'll be back, anyway...
ANYWAYS!! Did you see the picture on "Royals II"???
Get the proper rest-we love you!
Always kisses and snuggles for Godmother Deb!

Emma's Kat said...

So Rose, Has Emily been chasing/playing w/the Royal kits yet?

Rose said...

Hi Kat,
Emily is a different cat now...she chases and plays with them mostly first thing inthe morning, but unless I put the kits away for a "time out", Emily seems to feel neglected...we don't have the same "rituals" we used to, and that makes me very sad. I miss her.