Monday, July 24, 2006

Good Monday Morning, Our Most Loyal Subjects!

Saturday was THE most exciting day! As HM Queen Mum posted, We were to assist her in Air Traffic Controller duties to keep Our Most Gracious Godmother Deb, Our Honoured Lady ML and Lord Charley and Lady Sloane informed as to the progress of Miss K. in her travels to Houston, TX from Los Angeles, Ca.

Our Fairy Godmother Karen C, who did such a Blessed Deed to have found, nurtured and ultimately save Miss K.C. from a fate worse than the Tower overcame obstacles with grace and dignity, as befitting her gifts of kindness and perserverance to gain the release of little K.C. Of Course, Godmother Deb, known to us and now decreed that she be known to all as "She Who Must Be Obeyed", fought the Good Fight with the Evil Shelter "manager" (excuse Us while we stifle a cough {^^cough^^}. Society MAY benefit if said Manager resigned with working with our extended families of felines and woofies, and instead, "managed" the cleansing human kitty litter boxes.

Continental Flight 136 went off with a slight hitch, as departure was delayed from Los Angeles and therefore caused an arrival delay into Houston of approximately 25 minutes. Our little cousin, Bravehearted K.C. seemed to take it all in stride, and demonstrated NONE of the wicked things said about her by the Los Angeles shelter...Well, Sour Grapes! Mis K.C. is due for her first HONEST check-up with the Wise Dr Smith, Our kittenhood vetrinarian, who is a most Kind woman of medicine! We are anxiously awaiting to hear of her report!

It was asked that a comparison photo of Prince Brutus napping on HM Queen Mum's legs be published to make a comparason to the photo a few entries down, when he fell asleep the day of his journey. He has grown so quickly it brings tears to Queen Mum's eyes! He is 100% happy and healthy, and is expected to undergo...ahem..."THE procedure" the second Monday of August. Let's not breathe a word of this to him, shall we? He impetuously, but in all sincerely proposed Marriage to Sanjee, of the H(mb)C. She swept his fuzzy litle heart away at first glance of her picture. Sanjee most respecfully declined his paw in marriage, but We hope they will remain friends...perhaps a Cream Catnip Tea in the Rose Garden, on occasion.

Well! SO many events transpire in the course of a day, We must choose to save news for another day! We do hope you enjoy today's digital photos! The Queen Mum has become a pictire-taking fool! But, she can't help but be charming, at her age!

We pray for a good week for all our friends, and do have a Blessed Day!


Hot(M)BC said...

Oh you are growing furry fast Prince Brutus! I's furry glad we can be furriends. :) We's all glad KC made it safe too.

~~ Sanjee

Meowmepurr's Mumma in Washington State said...

I finally got around to comparing pictures of Brutus--Sanjee is right, he IS growing furry fast!